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Before you purchase anything for your place, contact our experts. If you are not an expert designer, buying doors and windows can be tough and confusing. This can be time-consuming as well....

Installation and fittings
Installation and fittings

Installing windows, especially doors, are a hectic process. They can be messy and impossible to fit sometimes. So, we have in-house experts who are more than capable....

Maintenance issues
Maintenance issues

Mainly for the doors and windows, the outer part of the house. With the passing years, the doors and windows might require a touch-up. This can be painting or some fixing....

Imperial Windows and Doors

If you are up for the classic-contemporary interior and exterior, fetch for timber door and windows. The Imperial Windows and Doors give you the ultimate functional and well-built windows and doors that will change the whole outcome of your place.

Timber windows are the most adapted and included windows in the UK. Almost every house here and there uses these windows starting from a very early scene. If you want to build a house, wooden windows are the first thing your planner will recommend.  

And the most remarkable thing is that these windows are affordable in price. Besides this, there is a huge variation in these windows. The windows we design are easy to manage, and we measure them to match perfectly in your house. Even if it's a corner, we can easily accommodate that as well.

Some of the most popular timber window designs are:

Sash windows: the usual pull and down windows. This is the least intricate in design and easy-to-use windows. This suits perfectly in your bathroom or the dining room.  

Casement windows: these are mostly timber-framed glass windows. They give more lightning and ventilation to the room than any other design. And we, the Imperial Windows and Doors, can customize your casement windows.  

Sliding windows: we will give you lightweight and easy glide windows. These windows are efficient and effective in every way imaginable.  

Bifold windows: these windows are mainly for the larger area. So we got your living room covered for you.

Now let's jump to wooden doors. If you are looking for a timber window, you might well opt for wooden gates. We changed the layout and structure of our doors over the years. And today, we present you the most modernized and luxurious doors, made out of wood.

Types of doors we design:

French doors: this is the most common type of door and fits almost every location in the house. These doors are easy to use and sustain.  

Sliding doors: like the sliding windows, we design the doors. These doors are easy to handle and will not collapse at any time.  

Bifold windows: these windows are great for a garden view from the living room. Most importantly, it doesn't hold up much area.

The doors and windows we described earlier are just a fraction of our work. As we mentioned earlier, we will customize your piece for you. So, we will help you with new ideas for your place and help you fix them.

Manufactured with the finest woods and assembled with advanced design, this is our motto. We implement every necessary step to build the best infrastructure possible for our goods. This gives persistence as well as a good finishing. And this is what makes us unparalleled.  

If you are looking for environmentally sustainable and well-furnished wooden doors and windows, reach out to the Imperial Windows and Doors. We will help you get a regal and elegant fashion combined with our best works to make your place look astounding.



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