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We, the Imperial Windows and Doors, are always ready for any need related to doors and windows. We have been working with expert designers and workers all our years. Thus, everything we provide you is a reflection of our hard work and insights.

Our team of experts is available to you 24/7. Even if it’s just restoring and mending old wooden timber and doors, we have the answer.

Here are the services we offer:


Before you purchase anything for your place, contact our experts. If you are not an expert designer, buying doors and windows can be tough and confusing. This can be time-consuming as well.

You might not get the right size, color, or the right pattern to fit into your place. This is where our specialists can help you. They know our products, and they have proficiency in the interior field. Thus, you’ll get every kind of assistance.

If you are looking for a door for the kitchen or the bedroom, the design will definitely differ from each other. If you are looking for windows, a living room window will be different from a bathroom window. And this is where experts can help you to find the perfect door and window for your house.

Installation and fittings:

Installing windows, especially doors, are a hectic process. They can be messy and impossible to fit sometimes. So, we have in-house experts who are more than capable of solving this problem for you.

The installation process will be smooth and easy. They’ll make sure that your property isn’t harmed in any way. They can fix windows and doors for both the exterior and interior of your house. If there are any last-minute changes with the measurements, our experts are skilled with that too.

The weight of the doors and windows is not that heavy. But if you want to save some of the cost, you can install the windows and doors yourself. So, with our instruction handbook, you can easily install the wooden door or window by yourself.

Maintenance issues:

Mainly for the doors and windows, the outer part of the house. With the passing years, the doors and windows might require a touch-up. This can be painting or some fixing.

We have experts on this level as well. They’ll provide you the proper resources that you should go for. So it’s quite easy to manage our products.

Our team is always ready for any service, and we will help you with everything best. Even if our products need replacement, we can do that too.


We offer you a long-time guarantee for our wooden windows and doors. Wooden merchandises tend to deteriorate with time, but these doors will last longer if well maintained with the finishes we provide.

There will hardly be any tears or fading, and we tend to spend much time making it precise. But shattering glasses or scratching not related to us will not be included under the guarantees.

With all these exclusive services, the Imperial Windows and Doors stand apart from the masses. We hope to be the best answer for your residence or house.